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Six Tips to Optimize Employee Scheduling

The second installment in a three-part scheduling series, this article explores six tips to optimize employee scheduling capabilities within Revel’s point of sale system. Consider these tips to alleviate the challenges of employee scheduling. Revel’s point of sale (POS) solution has several easy-to-use, out of the box features designed to...

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How scheduling slip-ups could be messing with your bottom line

The first installment in a three-part scheduling series, this article explores the pitfalls of incorrectly scheduling staff. Use the following tips to avoid scheduling slip-ups and keep your business thriving at maximum efficiency. Owning a restaurant is an extremely difficult feat. Most of the time, the difference between success and...

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Four Quick and Simple Ways to Delight Your Customers

Extraordinary customer service is a pillar of any successful business. There are many great customer engagement integrations for your Revel point of sale (POS), but did you know Revel also has built-in, customer-focused features? Here are four ways Revel will help you delight your customers: 1. Customer Notes This is...

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Three Steps to Your Inventory Ordering Breakthrough

Managing a business is a full-time job—and then some, and then some, and THEN some! We know there are many challenges competing for your time and attention, including staffing, menu curation, customer experience, marketing, inventory ordering and more. Inventory management—ordering, counting, auditing, reordering, and returning—can quickly turn into a merciless...

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Supercharge Your Order Flow with Just One Step

Gluten free. Vegan. No sugar. No dairy.   Customers’ orders are increasingly unique, and they expect restaurants to deliver on their dietary specifications. Fulfilling custom orders is essential to good service and happy customers.   But how do you keep orders flowing quickly when it takes several minutes to add...

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4 Pizza-Specific Updates You’ll Love as Much as We Do!

The Revel cloud-based POS has helped hundreds of pizzeria owners successfully run their business and improve operational efficiency.  We’ve used that experience to inform our product development and design capabilities that make it even easier to run a successful pizzeria. Check out some of our favorite updates from Version 2.48...

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Revel Version 2.48: It’s Pretty Great

With the release of Revel Version 2.48 slated for the end of Q1, we wanted to take the time to let Revelers know what exactly they can look forward to with our latest version. We’ve added new features to our Kitchen Display System (KDS), revamped our online ordering feature, and...

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Como Sense & Revel POS Integrate for Better Target Marketing

In today’s competitive restaurant and retail landscape, spray and pray just won’t cut it. Modern consumers are looking for a personalized experience, and that means integrating a sophisticated customer engagement and marketing suite like Como Sense with your Revel point of sale system. According to an Infosys study, 59% of...

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Meet the New Revel Assistant

The Revel Assistant has been making waves! Whether you’re firing up your system for the first time, need a quick refresher on a feature, or want to train multiple employees at once, The Revel Assistant is your step-by-step solution for all things Management Console. A member of the Revel Customer...

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