5 Reasons To Attend Revelry!

Revel’s annual user conference, Revelry, is right around the corner! On September 6th and 7th, we will be bringing the industry together for keynotes, presentations, workshops, and of course a party! What even is Revelry? Revelry is a two-day conference featuring content that matters to your business. Workshops and sessions...

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5 Reasons Every Quick Service Restaurant Should Accept Mobile Payments

Though Americans have historically been slow to adopt mobile payments, there has recently been a big uptick in mobile payments usage. Today, the increase in mobile payments popularity is largely driven by millennials – as those who grew up using mobile phones enter the workforce, mobile payments continue to grow....

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How Restaurants Can Use Their Data To Make Decisions

While big data may sound like big business – the power of data can and should be used in businesses of all sizes. Small restaurants that are using modern point of sales, like Revel Systems, have a wealth of data at their fingertips and with a bit of analysis, have...

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From Omnivores to Flexitarians: Accommodating the Dietary Preference of Modern Diners

Any restaurant owner knows that dietary preferences, allergies, and other food restrictions can complicate the management experience. However, it is possible to embrace customers’ unique needs and use them to provide an innovative dining experience. Increasing menu options can even provide a better meal for young children — notoriously picky...

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Quick Stats for Quick Service Restaurants [Roundup]

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and Limited-Service Restaurants (LSR) are establishments whose diners generally order and pay before eating. These establishments are designed to be quicker and more convenient and affordable than table service restaurants. Industry titans like McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Chipotle have long championed this concept; newcomers like MOD...

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Carla Hall’s Top Moments & Recipes

Carla Hall is a celebrated chef, best selling author, and television personality; Revel is delighted that she will be hosting the keynote session at Revel’s annual business conference, Revelry! To celebrate, we’re looking back at Carla’s top moments and career highlights: Hootie Hoo Most recently, Carla Hall was the co-host...

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Voice Commerce: On the Customer Engagement Menu

Technology has become an integral part of numerous restaurants’ day-to-day operations and they continue to invest in new digital innovations every day. Nearly 85 percent of all mobile users searching for a restaurant go on to make a purchase which why a recent Kabbage survey finds that restaurants will outpace...

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Tech Tips: How to Assign Roles and Permissions

With Revel, you can empower your employees and ensure peace of mind by creating and assigning roles and permissions to members of your staff. As the owner, this allows you to specify the access level for each employee down to a granular level. So, how do you get started? Through...

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5 Ways To Use Your POS Receipts As A Marketing Tool

For most businesses, the biggest marketing goal is to sustain and grow a steady customer base by increasing brand awareness. That means getting the customer to do something routinely – to eat at your restaurant, buy your product, or share your news far and wide. Businesses can spend so much...

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