Meet the New Revel Assistant

The Revel Assistant has been making waves! Whether you’re firing up your system for the first time, need a quick refresher on a feature, or want to train multiple employees at once, The Revel Assistant is your step-by-step solution for all things Management Console. A member of the Revel Customer...

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5 Coffee Shop Technologies Helping to Brew Up Business

When potential customers are looking for a place to get a great cup of coffee, they have an endless number of options to choose from. The right POS features can help coffee shop stand out from the crowd and keep customers coming back. Below are five cafe POS features to...

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What to Expect from Revel Update 2.43

With Revel’s 2.43 update on the horizon, we’re thrilled to bring you a small update, with big enhancements. This update provides improvements to customer and employee engagement, while also bridging the gaps in your daily processes. With all of the new enhancements and updates, here are a few that Revel...

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Gift Cards: A Link Between Business & Consumer

Put It to Work: How to Make Revel’s Loyalty and Gift Card Features a Credit to Your Business Christmas has drawn to a close, and now it’s time for lucky recipients to break out their gift cards. More personal than cash and less risky than a hand-picked item, gift cards...

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Improving Wi-Fi for Restaurants and Retail

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a Wi-Fi signal is better on one side of your house than another? Or perhaps you are borrowing Wi-Fi from a neighbor and can only get a connection on the far side of your building. Walls, appliances, and other obstructions can affect your Wi-Fi...

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