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Insights for Surviving (and Maximizing) the Holiday Shopping Season

For the first time in history, 2019’s holiday shopping season is expected to surpass $1 trillion in revenue. If you’ve ever operated during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, you very well know the chaos and challenges that start to surface this time of year.  Fortunately, there are some handy tools...

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Maximizing Your Point of Sale During the Holiday Season

For business owners, the most wonderful time of the year can also be the most hectic time of the year! High customer volume, long hours, and constant stress can take the dazzle out of the holiday season.  Thankfully, your point of sale (POS) has some great tools to help you...

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Understanding the Digital Customer Journey [Webinar]

An Evolving Customer Journey Restaurateurs and retailers are no strangers to the constant stream of new customer-facing digital technologies in the industry. Some examples of tech impacting the digital customer journey include mobile apps, online ordering, and a growing number of third-party delivery partners.  There is also an increasing amount...

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Tips for Business Owners on Managing An Omni-Channel, Multi-Location Operation

Hopefully since you opened your first location business has been booming. Perhaps you have now opened multiple locations, established an online presence, expanded your staff, and welcomed hundreds—if not thousands—of new customers as a result.   All this can quickly become overwhelming. But, armed with the right managerial skills, a dedicated...

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Point of Sale

So, by this point, you’ve chosen your restaurant concept. You’ve built your menu, begun hiring your staff and selected the perfect location (perhaps not in that particular order). Now, it’s time to pick the point of sale (POS) solution that will be the central nervous system helping you run and...

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Tips for Creating a Restaurant Event Space [Guide]

Content in this post was contributed by guest author Luke Miller, marketing associate at Placez.  As a business operator, it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes open for untapped potential and new ways to capitalize on revenue. Hosting events for special occasions is a massive opportunity that you...

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5 Things that are Killing Your Food Costs [List]

Maximize Your Profits and Mitigate Your Food Costs Food costs are commonly viewed as a restaurant’s worst enemy, but there are simple ways to flip that narrative. The higher your food costs, the lower your profit. Watch for these five pitfalls to make food costs work for you—not against you—and...

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Part II: How to Choose the Right Financing for Your Restaurant

The following content is part two of a two-part series guest-authored by Samantha Novick, a content marketing writer covering business and finance for Funding Circle. Consider the following factors on how to choose the right financing for your restaurant.  How to Prepare for Restaurant Financing Get your ducks in a...

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