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iPad POS | spare parts control system

Spare Parts Control System: Inventory Management Best Practices

How to Optimize Your Spare Parts Control System One of the more neglected parts in the operations of most retail businesses is spare parts inventory management. When not tended to, this can lead to higher storage costs, inefficient operations, and an inability to serve customers on time. That’s a lot...

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iPad POS | Restaurant startup

Restaurant Startup Costs: Capital Breakdown for Opening

Restaurant Startup Costs: Breakdown of Opening & Ongoing Costs Starting a restaurant can be a daunting venture, but if the growing number of restaurant entrepreneurs in the U.S. is anything to go by, it’s a doable venture. Fulfilling even, especially if you’re turning a passion for food into a business....

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iPad POS | Manage a restaurant

How to Manage a Restaurant: Your Basic Food Business Plan

How to Manage a Restaurant: 10 Tips for Running a Food Business Many of the principles for how to manage a restaurant effectively are drawn from general business management practices: establishing your ideal brand and developing an organizational culture that embodies your core values is essential to the longevity of...

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iPad POS | Checkout counter

Retail Checkout Counter Ideas & Sales Best Practices

How to Improve Your Retail Checkout Counter Many businesses treat the retail checkout counter as the end of a customer’s buying experience, and feel they don’t need to place much importance on it. It’s a shame, because this leaves a significant opportunity on the table. The thing is, the store...

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iPad POS | Business owners opens business

Retail Opening & Closing Checklist: Store Procedures Guide

Retail Opening and Closing Checklist  In retail, smooth-running store operations start long before a customer walks in. The clean floors, cool air, fully stocked shelves, and well-arranged aisles are a product of careful planning and efficient systems. One such system is the implementation of retail store opening and closing procedures...

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iPad POS | tips to improve sales in retail

Tips to Improve Sales in Retail: Boost Customer Conversions

How to Increase Sales in Retail Are you looking to improve retail sales? As a retailer, many factors can affect your sales that are beyond your control, such as a public health crisis or recession. Unfortunately, some just accept the status quo, give up, and close shop. Of course, this...

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iPad POS | Woman checks email via sent via CRM

Dust Off Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Potential

As COVID-19 forces business to adapt, a CRM can help you stay in touch with your customers. In light of today’s current climate, the personal customer touchpoints that so many businesses rely on to drive relationships and return customers have shifted. Restaurant and retail locations are considering new ways to...

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iPad POS | Advice: Remitting Sales Tax in Response to COVID-19

Should I Stop Remitting Sales Tax During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Questions to Consider Concerning Remitting Sales Tax The uncertain environment brought on by COVID-19 has businesses struggling to hold onto as much cash as possible. Many business owners are asking whether they should stop remitting sales tax and instead use it as working capital. Question: Do the potential consequences of...

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iPad POS | Pizza & Your POS

Pizza & Your POS

Essential point of sale features for your pizza shop Whether your pizza shop has been handed down from generation to generation, or is a brand new concept, serving up pies is big business. In fact, it’s estimated that 350 slices are eaten every second! In advance of the 2020 International...

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