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Top 3 POS Features Pizzerias Can’t Live Without

Top 3 POS Features Pizzerias Can’t Live Without

In honor of National Pizza Month, we chatted with a few pizzerias that run on Revel to learn and share which Revel POS Features are the most beneficial to growing their pizza business. With astounding results, we’re thrilled to share the top three features pizzerias can’t live without!

Kitchen Display System

Revel’s Kitchen Display System (KDS) allows you to display your kitchen orders on an iPad screen or larger display, rather than relying on the physical kitchen printer and printed paper receipts.  This permits you to run your pizza kitchen with more efficiency and sustainably by not having to deal with the hassle of printing out orders and wasting tons of paper. Just like standard kitchen printers, you can run multiple screens and have specific products appear at each one. Do you have a unique order of a Hawaiian style pizza with sour cream? You can display each item needed for this particular pie, so you don’t miss an essential ingredient by mistake.

Delivery Management

Revel’s latest update to the Delivery Management functionality focuses on simplifying the process of assessing routes, assigning orders to drivers, and offering a “Check-In” function for drivers. Revel Delivery Management optimizes delivery routes by calculating the time it takes to prepare the pizza and add it to the total delivery time.

Have you ever experienced the problem of a delivery driver leaving your restaurant to fulfill deliveries, and accidentally leaving one of the orders at the restaurant? Revel’s Delivery Management gives you the option to transfer an order from one driver to another, even if the first driver is already en route. The Delivery Console includes an organized end-to-end procedure to maintain accurate delivery reports and the insight required to run a successful pizzeria.

Online Ordering

The ability to add online ordering to your delivery platform will open up your business to a phone shy clientele. Revel’s Online Ordering will give your customers the flexibility to order at their convenience. You’ll notice an increase in orders, loyal customers, and revenue by adding online ordering to your pizza restaurants webpage. Want to learn more about online ordering? Check out our guide “How to Maximize Online Ordering.”