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5 Reasons To Attend Revelry!

Revel’s annual user conference, Revelry, is right around the corner! On September 6th and 7th, we will be bringing the industry together for keynotes, presentations, workshops, and of course a party!

What even is Revelry? Revelry is a two-day conference featuring content that matters to your business. Workshops and sessions cover a wide variety of content, allowing you to customize an agenda that puts your interests first. From first-time business owner to seasoned veterans, the agenda has something for everyone.

Here are five reasons for why you should attend Revelry 2018.

Network, network, network!

There is nothing more powerful than hearing from someone who knows what it’s like to run a business day in and day out. Like any industry conference, one of the main reasons to attend is to meet and learn from merchants in your field. Whether you are a first-time restaurant owner or a franchisee – Revelry brings together business owners and operators from every corner of the industry. Network with like-minded folks or explore new business opportunities with those in different fields.

Learn from thought leaders

We have carefully curated content and selected speakers on the topics that matter most to you. This includes featured speakers who are experts in building businesses from the ground up, resolving paint points, and tools that enable you to scale. And this year, we are incredibly excited to welcome Carla Hall, co-host of The Chew and former Top Chef competitor. The celebrated chef, author, and media personality will be Revelry’s keynote speaker and be sharing her experience in the industry and her passion for cooking with love.  

Make The Most of Revel

Prepare your business for the holidays, and accelerate your business in 2019 with the latest technology. Make 2019 the year you make the most of your Revel POS platform, and that’s why this two-day event is made to not only help you learn about the latest and great features of your POS but get insight as a merchant to help you achieve your goals. We have sessions on how to utilize your reporting features, building the perfect menu, understanding our revenue-generating features, developing omnicommerce strategies, among many others!

Discover Our Partners

Revel is an open API platform, with nearly one hundred partners, making Revel the most customized and feature-rich platform on the market. From data aggregation to email marketing – our partnership integrations allow you to run the business you want. And we’ve significantly expanded the number of integration partners in our network including LevelUp, LoyaltyPlant Como, and DSYNC.

Dance Your Heart Out!

We’ll close Revelry 2018 with a party to remember at the Terra Gallery! A night of celebration, music, drinks, food, and fun, this is the perfect occasion to take a step away from managing your business, unwind, and Revel In Your Success for one incredible night with us!


Register Today! [Code Social for free admission]