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Restaurant iPad POS vs Android POS [Comparison]

A Point of Sale Customized for Dynamic Restaurants

Revel has been a market leader for eight years, and that experience has enabled us to refine our core product to support and accelerate businesses from across the restaurant industry to specialty retail shops. More and more we see a blurring of verticals take, for example, the proliferation of establishments where food service and retail meet. Marketplaces like, China Live, are leveraging retail and restaurant technology to streamline operations, drive sales, and elevate the customer experience.

Revel’s technology is built to support the very specifics of your restaurant. Every restaurant is unique and dynamic in its own way, and whether you’re solely counter service, table service, or incorporate a hybrid of business – Revel has got you covered.

Benefits of An iPad Based System

When you are choosing a Point of Sale, it’s important to factor in the hardware and the software (OS) supporting and powering your Point of Sale technology. You want to be sure that the OS and hardware are helping you run your business intuitively, efficiently, and securely.

#1  Sleek Design

We work closely with Apple to align the look and feel of our technology with the design that helps Apple stand out from the rest. The sleek design of our iPad Point of Sale fits every counter, elevates your image, and helps extend your brand.

#2 Save on Hardware Costs

The cost of legacy POS systems can easily set you back many thousands of dollars up front between the price of each terminal and a necessary back office server. And when these systems go down, they can shut down business. With an iPad POS system, the cost of terminals is significantly less, and with a cloud-based backend, you never have to worry about the cost of downtime due to your server failing.

#3 Piece of Mind

Gartner analyst, Dioniso Zumerle, researches the mobile security space and identified that between Android and iOS, “the majority of enterprises still feel it is easier for them to secure their enterprise data on the iOS platform.”

Restaurants and retailers are especially susceptible to data breaches, and as a response to a recent string of high-profile breaches at major restaurant chains, the demand for security has never been greater. A major consideration for Revel choosing to run on iOS is Apple’s commitment to security. In the ten years since iOS was released, there has been no major malware. Android devices, on the other hand, are the main target of malware a recent report by F-Secure goes so far as to say 99 percent of all malware that targets mobile devices is designed for Android.

Revel has been able to provide users a secure system by developing a POS that leverages the inherent security of iOS, providing a platform for users to safely process payments, maintain their CRM, all while offering a set of rich access controls.

Support For Every Stage of Your Business

Whether you need assistance as you are getting ready to open or are looking for ongoing account management to ensure your business’ success, Revel’s dedicated service professionals are just a phone call away. We offer free 24/7 phone, email, and chat support.

But our support doesn’t stop there – you can utilize Revel’s experts to install your POS hardware, train, work with you to make sure your system is running smoothly, work with a Project Manager to train and set up your POS backend, and get one-on-one help with anything from training to working through technical questions and best practices.  

The installation time and training with Revel is simple and fast. It’s a very easy transition and new employees get it within just a few minutes.” Fred Morga, Fired Pie