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Top 3 Hardware Additions for Your Coffee Shop

Top 3 Hardware Additions for Your Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a trending small business service that shows no signs of slowing down. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, coffee shop locations are growing more than 10 percent each year. If you’re a coffee shop owner, how do you maximize efficiency to stay ahead of the competition? Here are 3 helpful hardware additions for your coffee shop:

  1. Digital Menu Boards
    Digital menu boards are an integral piece of hardware for any quick service location, especially coffee shops. High resolution images are projected onto TV’s that show menus and prices. Digital menu boards are also a great way for owners to showcase specials or highlight new items. See an example of some digital menu boards below: Digital Menu Board Display Options
  2. Kitchen Display System
    Kitchen display systems, or KDS for short, display orders to the kitchen from the Point of Sale system. For coffee shops, a KDS can be used in a variety of ways. If your coffee shop serves sandwiches or dishes, orders can be sent to the kitchen for chefs and cooks to prepare. For coffee makers, the KDS can be used as easy to read barista screens. Barista screens speed up service by listing out the details of orders, specifically for people who like their coffee a certain way. Baristas will finally be able to appreciate orders like: non-fat latte, two pumps, extra cream, one sugar, whipped cream, dash of cinnamon.
  3. Customer Display System
    Streamlining the checkout process has become a necessity for coffee shops to keep lines moving and orders coming in. Customer display systems (CDS) act as customer facing engagement tool to display orders and payments. Customers can follow along as their order is being input into the system to see if everything they’ve ordered is correct. The CDS will prompt payment options and in most cases, will ask the customer if they would like to leave a tip. In a recent study by Software Advice, it was found that owners who use iPad POS systems rather than legacy systems are more likely to see an increase in tips. This way, adding a customer display system is like adding a digital tip jar to your counter.

All three of these hardware additions for your coffee shop can be seamlessly integrated with a Revel iPad Point of Sale.