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What Mobile Discovery Can Do For Your Restaurant

What Mobile Discovery Can Do For Your Restaurant

People place all their trust in their mobile devices–they check their phones for the weather, rather than looking outside. Instead of checking the AM radio traffic station, they will consult Google Maps to determine their commute time. Mobile devices even inform an individual’s dining decisions–hungry patrons unfamiliar with the neighborhood will consult their Yelp app to see what’s good nearby.

How can restaurant owners take advantage of this mobile-dependability trend? You can draw those hungry patrons into your restaurant by taking advantage of these 3 easy tips for mobile discovery:

  • Set up and complete social profiles: Having your restaurant’s profile on Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter will make it visible to potential customers. Many will consult Yelp before choosing a restaurant, and those doing a local search will discover that your restaurant is nearby.

  • Be social:  Posting daily specials on Facebook and Twitter–along with photos–will build engagement and spread the word about your business. Those doing location-based searches on Facebook will see your restaurant, and accompanying photos will assure the potential patron that your restaurant is providing delicious dishes.

  • Integrated mobile payments:  Take mobile discovery one step further by integrating your POS system with a consumer-facing payments app. This allows customers to access a mobile directory of nearby establishments that accept that form of mobile payment.

As the trend grows towards mobile dependability, ensure that your restaurant takes full advantage by implementing these three simple tips. Expand your mobile presence while attracting more foot traffic, and harness the power of mobile discovery.