Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Revel Systems prides itself on being entirely customizable to your business.
Our Point of Sale system is feature-rich, but we are always open to changes and improvements. Revel boasts an open iPad POS API–or Application Programming Interface–enabling you to enhance your Revel iPad POS as you see fit. Our Point of Sale system is so robust that you can tap into the backend Revel Systems POS API, enabling you to add or remove features, and allowing you to fully customize your iPad POS. Revel provides a simple and powerful REST API to integrate the Revel POS into your business or application.

Robust API
Revel Systems API allows access to any and all of the data available in the Revel Systems Management Console.

Developer marketplace
Once you are integrated and approved by Revel your solution will be available on Revel’s Developer Marketplace for all Revel clients.

Customize your Revel iPad Point of Sale according to your exact business needs and wants by adding and removing features.

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