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Revel’s Certified Reseller program is designed to set both you and your customers up for success from Day One. Revel provides Certified Resellers with comprehensive product training for hardware, software, implementation, and first level support, as well as relationship managers available to provide consultative selling support. Certified Resellers also have access to dedicated 2nd and 3rd level reseller support. Your customers get Revel’s market-leading point of sale and business platform, access to self-service training resources and 24/7 help desk after normal business hours.

Why Partner with Revel?

Revel’s Certified Resellers get to leverage Revel’s leading brand and expanding market presence to grow their own business. You manage your clients’ end-to-end experience, from prospect identification through onboarding. We provide the reliable, market-leading product that will help drive your customers’ success. Plus, submitting deals you’re working through our lead protection form ensures that you’re never in competition with Revel direct sales. Revel Resellers grow their business by pairing Revel’s intuitive point of sale and robust platform with their own sales, installation, and onboarding expertise.

Certified Reseller Training

Certified Resellers have the opportunity to spend a full week with Revel’s point of sale experts at Revel HQ learning the ins and outs of the system: features, functionality, implementation and support tips, and sales strategies. Certified Resellers also receive ongoing communication and support as they grow their customer base and system knowledge.

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