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Restaurant Point of Sale

The POS built to simplify restaurant operations and delight your customers.

Perfect for Restaurants like yours:

Front of House

Increase efficiency with Mobile Order Takers

Equip your team with a handheld POS to instantly take down orders and send them directly to the kitchen for improved order accuracy and speed.

Customize a Loyalty Program

Build a program that caters to clients and drives repeat business back to your restaurant. Reward customers for dollars spent or points accumulated!

Back of House

Ingredient-Level Inventory management for granular control

Track inventory down to the ingredient level. Save time and costs by knowing when to reorder to maintain the right levels.

Reporting Tools for a clear picture of business

Save time with reports that explain your business progress and insights to you. Access valuable data in real-time to make informed decisions for your business.

On the Go

Take the smarter route with Delivery Management

Accept orders, track, and manage every order in real-time from your POS. With driver monitoring and intelligent delivery time estimations, your business can seamlessly manage deliveries from door to door.

Access your operations anywhere with the Insights App

Insights by Revel is the management app that gives you control of your business, anywhere. Access easy to understand reporting, and manage employee scheduling right from your phone.