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Pizza POS System by Revel

A POS to help you increase the profits on your pies

The Revel Pizza POS system helps you build your dream business with everything a pizza establishment could need. Our POS software does the work for you, from ingredient-level inventory control to menu building and real-time reporting. With robust pizza delivery management tools, including driver monitoring and smart estimates, rest assured every delivery will be made on time while the pizza is still hot.

The Pizza POS System for Your Business

Give your hungry customers the perfect pizza. With Revel you have the ability to build a menu of pizzas or let customers fully customize a pie, all while keeping precise track of inventory levels and learning from real-time sales reports.

Menu Selection Made Easy

Add toppings, create a half and half pizza, put in special requests - give your customers the exact pizza they want with Revel’s customizable ordering options.
Track Ingredient-Level Inventory
Track your tomato, cheese, and topping levels with every order processed, and set low stock alerts so you know when you need to reorder more.

Let Your Customers Order How They Want
Mobile orders, orders for delivery, or even a self-service kiosk in your restaurant -  give your customers the option to order in the most convenient way for them.
And Pay How They Want
Accept more forms of payment, including major credit cards, EMV chip cards, and ApplePay.
Revel’s enterprise platform is a great fit for our franchise system. At nearly 100 locations and growing, we have real-time access to analytical data that helps us make smarter decisions every day.
- Pizza Patrón
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