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Event Point of Sale

High performing technology, when you need it!

The award winning Revel Event iPad POS system is built to make high-volume, fast-paced events run seamlessly. Forecast stock and employees-needed based on historical data, calculate payroll automatically and track all sales and inventory in real-time. Thousands of transactions will run without a hitch, even if the Internet goes down the Revel iPad Point of Sale system stays up when no one else could.  The businesses have spoken and Revel has listened join the Revelution.

Let Revel handle the behind the scenes

Streamline your concession and retail operations so your event can shine. Whether a small event space or a stadium with multiple shops and restaurants, Revel’s setup enables speedy transactions to keep lines moving so your customers can get back to their seats.

Streamlined hardware

Perfect for a variety of setups, customize your POS for the concession stands, retail shops, and bars within the event space.
Accept more payments
Move customers through your lines quicker and give customers the ability to pay how they want, with ApplePay, EMV chip cards, or NFV devices.

I have never been more efficient in my operations, and I am very happy that we invested in the Revel Platform.
- Indianapolis Motor Speedway
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