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Brewery Point of Sale

Keep Your Focus on Your Craft

The Revel Brewery POS and platform is equipped with the tools to help breweries tap into their potential. Our POS software helps you keep track of your liquid inventory more precisely, measure the exact amount of beer served so you know the best time to start a new batch. Manage your evolving menu with digital menus displays and custom menu building tools.

Robust management tools for breweries

The Revel POS and platform is equipped with the tools to help breweries tap into their potential. Streamline your brewery operations with management tools including precise ingredient level inventory management and intelligent reporting.

Manage Changing Menus with Ease

Whether rotating your beer selection seasonally or daily, leverage dynamic digital menu boards and robust menu building tools to showcase and update your menus as often as you create new brews.

Sell By the Glass and By the Case

Provide customers a hybrid experience with dining and retail POS utility in one system. Easily ring up both your bar tabs and retail purchases, and manage all aspects of your business as one.

Keep Business Flowing With Always On Mode

No need to worry about power outages or losing signal, Revel ensures that your business continues to process payments. Always On Mode allows you to focus on what really matters.

Cater to your visitors with customer centric-features

Create a loyalty program to keep your customers coming back for more, and utilize a CRM for a deeper understanding of each visitor.

Revel is truly an all-in-one package that is cost-efficient, timely, and reliable.
- Liquid Gold
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