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Table Management

Table Management

Upgrade your table management with Revel to provide your guests unmatched service. Utilise Revel’s suite of restaurant management tools to provide excellent service - from making a reservation through paying the bill.

Visual Table Layouts

Replicate your restaurant floor plan on your POS for increased efficiency. Assign orders to seats to make meal distribution effortless.

Make Multiple Payments Painless

Split a bill evenly, by item, or manually input bill amounts for each card. Revel allows you to provide your customers flexible payment options.

Go Mobile with Tableside POS ordering

Equip your employees with Mobile Order Takers to improve accuracy and improve customer satisfaction.

Reservation and Waitlist Management

Maintain an accurate view of your restaurant waitlist and reservations.

Keep Service Flowing with Table Timer

Ensure guests don’t experience service gaps from the moment they arrive at their table. Easily identify what stage of service each table is in with colour coded timers.

See Revel's Table Management in Action with Delice Sarrasin