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Enterprise Management

  • Enterprise Reporting Platform Using Revel’s open API, multi-location businesses can pull data and import it into any reporting platform they choose. Revel connects to the various popular enterprise reporting platforms, including Ctuit, RTI, Avero, and Netsuite, among others.
  • Sales reporting aggregate for multiple stores Stay up to date on your business performance, including every stores' sales reports. Determine which stores are selling the best and which ones need more improvements.
  • Product mix Receive a breakdown of all products across every location.
  • Customer orders Access a detailed CRM system to track customers’ contact information, complete order history and any relevant information.

Enterprise Management

Standardise operations across multiple locations and manage your business with Revel’s full suite of Enterprise tools. Control operations across your franchise or business group from one central Management Console.

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Centralised Employee Management

Manage and make adjustments to employee scheduling and payroll across all locations through the Management Console.

Maintain Consistent Menus Across Locations

Standardise your menu offerings across all locations and push out your menu from headquarters to every location. Update and send changes to locations in real-time with just a click of a button.

Digital Menu Boards

Revel’s POS provides the capabilities of a big, enterprise system, but is easy to use for a business owner of any size, whether it’s one shop or one hundred shops.
- Chobani
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Gain real-time insights

Access detailed reports by location or across multiple locations on order history, sales, summary, product mix, labour forecasting, and more to better understand business performance.

The Support You Need to Power Your Enterprise

Count on 24/7/365 support by phone, email and chat.

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