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Project Y Frozen Yogurt


Far more than a froyo store, Project Y is an educational social enterprise run by the Cambodia Rural School Trust (CRST) which is a non-government organisation (NGO) with the mission of helping break the poverty cycle through education. The NGO sponsors the high school and university education of bright students from poor rural families, and more recently has added the element of hands-on business education. 

By working at the Project Y frozen yogurt store, CRST’s students receive training and experience in operating many aspects of a small business, including production, operations, customer service, marketing, finance and other key business disciplines.  

iPad POS | Project Y Frozen Yogurt

The Revel Challenge

Intuitive technology

As all of CRST's students come from the Cambodian countryside, their start with the NGO often represents their first time using a computer so it was essential that the chosen system was easy to use and manage.   “Revel is a great system to be able to teach and operate. We can easily teach the students how to use the system and feel confident in doing so.”

Intelligent Reporting

In addition to an intuitive and robust system, Aviv says that Revel’s cloud-based technology and intelligent reporting capabilities were major selling points when it came to choosing the right Point of Sale.  

The Revel Solution

“It was a question of what was going to be most compatible for us. As the system itself is sitting in Cambodia, we needed a solution that was easy for us to operate remotely, so it was clear that Revel was the way to go. We reached out to Revel and they were really supportive in what we needed - a very intuitive system for our students, as well as the back-up we required.”

The system itself is sitting in Cambodia so it had to be a solution that was easy for us to operate remotely. It was clear that Revel was the way to go.
- Aviv Palti, CRST Founder and Director

Why Revel

“We ourselves run an Australian-based homewares company and we set-up the NGO in Cambodia because we wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. It’s great to see that there are other companies like Revel who are taking corporate social responsibility on board and supporting NGOs like ours. At the end of the day, the partnership with Revel means that together we are ending the poverty cycle for dozens of students, by extending their education in our educational social enterprise.”