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Located half an hour outside Wagga Wagga in the regional town of Coolamon, Coolamon Cheese is the realisation of a lifelong dream of a father and son team; a destination restaurant and cheese factory. Housed in a fully restored 1920s cooperative society building, the venue is a restaurant, retail, and educational enterprise that has firmly placed the town of Coolamon on the Australian foodie map.

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The Revel Challenge

Always On Mode

Revel’s true Always On Mode was another key factor in Anton’s decision to purchase Revel. In the fifth week of trade, the internet dropped out for 12 days straight but Anton’s team was able to consistently use Revel without a hitch. “I think we were up to almost 2,000 orders not sent to the server. Luckily we use a payment terminal with 3G capability so we could continue taking credit and debit payments, and we continued using Revel the whole time. Once we got the internet back on, all the orders were uploaded in just over an hour, and we were able to go back and do the daily reports for each of those days that we were down.”

Increased order speed

Anton knew that a quick service model would not work for his business, as having customers line up at the counter to pay and order would result in significant wait times. To address this Anton decided to use Revel’s retail and table service capabilities to free up the counter for cheese tastings, retail purchases such as cut-to-weight cheese, and takeaway orders. Combining this with Revel’s table service solution means that Anton’s staff can take orders directly at the table and spend more time with their valued customers. “Having the iPads minis on the floor instead of a pen and paper and being able to complete transactions at the table has streamlined service from the beginning. It makes it very easy for our floor staff, and on top of that, it helps eliminate a lot of errors. Our wait staff check the order on the table in front of the customers on the iPad mini, and then once they’ve sent the order, it goes directly to the prep station it needs to go to.”

The Revel Solution

“Revel is the first cloud-based system that I’ve used, and for us it just made sense. As we grow, we can look at our figures in real-time from our computers anywhere in the world. Revel stores all our data securely and just makes it easy for us to operate. It also makes it very easy to update products in the system without having to be onsite. We are very seasonal with our menu so to be able to quickly adapt our POS and add those new menu items easily is just fantastic.”

One of the main reasons we chose Revel was the crossover between a retail environment and à la carte menu environment. It all integrates into one platform and covers all of the transactions that we need to do within one POS
Anton Green, Founder and Managing Director, Coolamon Cheese, NSW

Why Revel

“Working with Revel has meant that I don’t need to worry about my POS reporting and keeping control of my daily operations because it delivers all of the things that I need to look after the business.

“I’d recommend Revel to any business owner whether they’re using it for table service or retail, it works for both sides of the coin. It’s intuitive, it’s easy to use, and it’s a really powerful tool.”

Image credit: Kiah Lucey Photography