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Custom POS System

Get a “Custom POS System” with Revel

Get a custom POS System with Revel! At Revel we pride ourselves on having one of the most flexible and customisable POS systems on the market, iPad or otherwise. We understand that every business is different, and so each business needs a custom POS solution that suits its business needs. With a Revel iPad Custom POS System, you will get a Custom iPad point of sale for your business that fits your exact needs, and will prove an invaluable assetCheck out our products page to see the range of software packages we offer, or feel free to fill out the form below to receive a comprehensive description of the Revel software package that would best suit your individual business needs.

No matter the type of business you own–whether it’s a restaurant, food service shop, grocery store, events company or retail establishment–Revel has you covered, and can provide you with a custom POS system and iPad solution to address your needs. We provide this form in order for you to send us specific information regarding your business. This is so we can best address your point of sale concerns, as well as determine which iPad POS software package will best suit your business type and size. If you are uncertain of some of the particulars on this form, or how they might pertain to your business, feel free to give us a call at 02 8520 3344 or contact us here.

Questions about the customised iPad POS form, or about the Revel iPad POS in general? Contact us here, or visit our FAQ page to learn more about our award-winning point of sale system. Here at Revel we want you to have the best for your business, and that means helping you find the iPad point of sale package that best suits your needs. We encourage you to try before you buy, and would be happy to schedule a live demo so you can see Revel’s iPad POS for yourself. We’re always adding products to our demo page, so please feel free to check there as well to see Revel in action.