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Conference Room Scheduling Software

Here at Revel, we strive to provide you with the best Point of Sale system on the market. We are constantly adding to our system to ensure your business has everything it needs, including the addition of the Conference Room Scheduling Software.

Revel’s intuitive UI design makes booking your conference room easier than ever. Built for the Apple iPad, Revel’s POS software works seamlessly and easily with its platform. With the Conference Room Scheduling Software, menus are intuitive and selections are effortless. Simply select the desired date, time, and conference room location to schedule your meeting. With Revel’s iPad POS software it is easier than ever to book your conference room and get your meeting off to a good start. Easily navigate between dates in order to view past meetings, or book a conference room in advance. Revel’s simple and effective layout makes it easy for you to see when meetings are scheduled, as well as modify your existing bookings.

POS Systems Conference Room Scheduling Software

Revel Conference Room Scheduling Calendar ScreenshotConference Room Scheduling Screenshot

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