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iPad POS | brand identity

4 Steps For Building A Strong Brand Identity

The intangible aspect of business—the who, what, and how—is your brand. A term widely used but often misunderstood and overlooked. A strong brand identity furthers customer recognition, loyalty, and credibility, giving you a competitive edge in the market. And while developing a brand is essential for sustained business success, it’s...

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iPad POS | PR

5 Ways To Create Great PR On A Small Budget

The majority of small businesses don’t have the budget to hire outside PR or advertising companies to help them spread the word. However, it’s not all about how much money is in the bank because luckily in this day and age we have the internet and social media. Instead of...

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iPad POS | omni-channel marketing

3 Ways To Optimise Omni-Channel Marketing

The technology industry has harped on the idea of “omni-channel marketing.” And while definitions vary and the buzz has muddled its meaning, the core principle is to create a seamless customer experience across all of your brand’s channels. But what is simple to define can be difficult to actualise. As...

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iPad POS | Marketing Resolutions

2017 Marketing Resolutions For Your Small Business

You (and the rest of the world) may have a complicated relationship with New Year’s resolutions. On one hand, setting goals provides an instantaneous feeling of accomplishment but on the other hand, sticking to them can feel challenging and overwhelming. Typically, one sets personal goals but as we say so...

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iPad POS | pokémon go; pokemon go

Marketing with Pokémon Go to Catch ‘Em All

In case you haven’t heard, Pokémon have taken over Australia. But of course you’ve heard, because the news is everywhere. Some of it’s funny, some seems a little bizarre, and some is downright terrifying. The explosive popularity of the app Pokémon Go has given Nintendo an impressive boost to its valuation...

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iPad POS | Choices of deli cheeses

How to Run a Successful Deli | Top 6 Tips for Deli Owners

Consumers are increasingly gravitating towards delis in search of quick, grab-and-go meals. Nearly three quarters of respondents from Progressive Grocer’s Retail Deli Review Survey projected an 80% increase in deli sales for 2019 over the previous year—a projection that aligned with the increasing number of consumers visiting delis for convenient...

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iPad POS | Retail environment shopping carts

How to Create a Retail Environment that Sells

Over 70 percent of all purchase decisions are made in-store. What this widely quoted statistic means is—environment counts. Retailers do well by creating a pleasant atmosphere where shoppers feel comfortable enough to linger, enjoy browsing, and ultimately, make purchases. Here are 5 essential elements of putting together a retail space...

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