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iPad POS | Man in pizza shop

4 Ways Revel Addresses Pizzeria Pain Points (Client Testimonials)

Revel’s Pizzeria Solutions 1. Syncing Back of House With Front of House You may equate seamless customer experience with front of house operations like online ordering, mobile order takers, and Self-Service Kiosks. But what you may not be accounting for are your back of house operations. Ensuring a flawless end-to-end...

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iPad POS | tea talk

Tea Talk: The Dreams of My Mother

“Ever since I was two years old, I enjoyed drinking tea. It’s the last of the family traditions to stay with me—to have tea after every meal.” There’s a pause. “My mom always wanted to have her own tea shop, but she lived in China and opening a business back...

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iPad POS | Pitchoun Bakery: Keeping Three Generations of Bakers Alive

Pitchoun Bakery: Keeping Three Generations of Bakers Alive

Have you ever felt you need to keep family tradition alive? Frédéric Soulies, owner of Pitchoun Bakery, comes from three generations of bakers, and it’s in his blood to bake. The entire concept behind his business is around memories with his grandparents. Soulies’ grandparents would always call him “Pitchoun,” which...

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iPad POS | Sajj Food Truck

Sajj Food Trucks Highlights POS Essentials

If your food service business is thriving and you’ve reached the point when it’s time to expand, you need a world-class Point of Sale that can expand with you. Sal Khoury and Zaid Ayoub, chief executives of Sajj Food Trucks, can relate. When the Sajj concept of offering fresh and...

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iPad POS | Lapperts Ice Cream iPad POS

Lappert’s Ice Cream: A Fully-Integrated Point of Sale

Lappert’s Ice Cream became Revel Systems’ first customer in 2010. Since that time, the business has grown from producing ice cream for 15 locations to approximately 200, including the super-popular Sausalito location. The success of this family-owned, father-and-son business is due in no small part to the exceptional performance of...

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iPad POS | Keep your POS secure from backoff malware

Tell Malware to Backoff Your Business

When Revel started to build the Revel POS it was architected for security from day one – not as an afterthought like most POS vendors. Revel POS, again, unlike most vendors, sends encrypted card data from the Swipe device direct to the payment card gateway. Sending data this way keeps...

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iPad POS | Bar Rescue featured image

Revel as Seen on Bar Rescue

Revel Systems recently made a guest appearance on Spike TV’s Bar Rescue. “Drunk & Dirty Dolls” aired November 3rd, 2013, and can be seen here. The episode features Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer as he seeks to get a Vegas motorsport bar back on track. Jon worked his usual magic, and...

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iPad POS | cupcakes and technology

Sweet Technology:  High Tech & Cupcakes at Cako Bakery

In a story recently covered by KRON 4 News, Cako Bakery of San Francisco, CA is using innovative new ways to share the joy of cupcakes. Cako has developed a way of knowing their customers as soon as they walk in the door, and have created a personalized buying experience....

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