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Why you should give your business a technological boost this financial year

Why you should give your business a technological boost this financial year

The thought of adopting new technologies can be a daunting prospect for some business owners. Learning a new POS system and training staff could be viewed as an arduous task for some that outweighs the benefits of upgrading to a faster, more robust and sophisticated system. But what if we told you that your existing system could actually be stalling your profits, and that by investing in smart, intuitive tech you could not only improve your balance sheet, but also the customer experience?

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One of the major perceived hurdles that many operators in the hospitality and retail space face when it comes to adopting tech lies within the user-friendliness of the platform. While it’s true that some POS systems can be overly complicated and almost require an engineering degree to master, there are others on the market – such as Revel – that pride themselves on making both the employee and customer experience as seamless as possible.
As a global leader in iPad-based POS solutions, Revel has been designed to help businesses succeed on every level, and is constantly innovating by adding new features and functionality to give operators the tools that they need to run their business at the most profitable level.

Simply by investing in our Mobile Order Takers, Corbett & Claude have been able to increase ordering efficiencies by up to 20% across their venues. Their decision to invest in Revel’s Kitchen Display Screens has also been of great benefit as now they can accurately measure kitchen speed and eliminate any risk of losing order dockets.

Another great client of ours, Milky Lane were able to save thousands of dollars within their first week of switching to Revel. By utilising Revel’s expansive live reporting capabilities, the team were able to pinpoint peaks and troughs in service and popular menu items, leading to increased profitability across the business.

With the customer experience at the forefront of their business model, Sydney cellar door Handpicked Wines, say that the speed and intuitive nature of Revel has allowed staff to engage with customers on a more personal basis and not worry about the transaction. By implementing Mobile Order Takers, the team has been able to increase upsell opportunities by seamlessly taking customers from the dining experience through to the venue’s retail offering, facilitating hassle-free, combined sales.

And these are just some of the ways that Revel has been able to help operators drive their business forward. If increasing profitability, customer patronage and overall efficiencies is something that you’d like to achieve going into the 2017/2018 financial year, now is the time to act. Until the end of June, 2017, we’re offering up to 20% off hardware bundles* and 10% off our Revel as a Service plan*. Get in contact with us today on (02) 8520 3344 or to take advantage of these great deals and revel in your business’ success!

*Conditions and minimum contract periods apply