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Tips For Training Your Staff On How To Use Revel POS

Tips For Training Your Staff On How To Use Revel POS

Your business depends on your staff. To avoid any customer or employee confusion at the Point of Sale, ensure that your staff is well trained. From the payment flow to opening and closing up shop – make sure your staff can process more transactions in less time, and handle those tricky situations.

Whether your business has one employee, or you manage hundreds of employees across multiple locations, follow these tips and tricks to quickly onboard your staff onto your POS.

Outline Revel Recourses: Every staff member should know exactly where and who they can go to get questions answered, issues resolved, or just have their voice heard. The first step is to clearly outline these recourses:

1. Revel Help Site – How-to articles on all Revel features and functions as well as troubleshooting guides.

2. Revel University – Step-by step video tutorials for onboarding and how-to videos addressing all Revel features and functions. You can create a support account to subscribe to article updates, and track your requests.

3. Webinars – Join us for nearly weekly webinars to learn about specific features and have the opportunity to get questions answered right away from our training team.

Setting Up: Utilise the resources listed above to assist in setting up these key features.

1. Employee Management – Before your employees can get to work, you’ll need to add them into the Management Console. Add employees, their info, roles and wages, and POS permissions. As a business owner you can grant greater flexibility to management or shift leads by giving them permission to restrict or allow certain actions for employees according to their role.

2. Provisioning Your iPad – For employees with “Manager” or “Owner” access they can provision the iPad to link it to your brand and establishment(s).  

3. Setting Tills – Each morning, or each shift, the user should set the till by declaring the amount of cash present in the cash drawer.

4. Front-End Settings – Teach staff how to navigate the front-end settings.

5. Customers – Teach staff how to create a customer, attach a customer to an order, and view customers’ orders.

6. Revel Ecosystem – Once your business has been set up with the Revel Systems platform, discuss how the iPad, Management Console, and peripherals work in conjunction. 

Processing Transactions

1. First, teach your staff about payment standards and compliances and relay the importance of fraud detection.

2. Orders on the POS – From adding products from the menu to handling basic payments, your staff should be trained, and have practiced ringing up different types of orders. Practice the trickier payments like gift cards and having to cancel transactions and issue refunds.

End-of-Day Process

1. Once you’ve customised your End-Of-Day processes to fit the needs of your business, you can trigger a reminder on the POS for employees to run the EOD process.

2. The End-Of-Day Process tool, once started, will take you through a step by step guide to reconcile open orders, view and/or process offline payments, address declined payments, process all credit cards, confirm employee time cards, close all tills, and print out the Employee Sales Summary report.  

Extra helpful tips!

  • Have your most senior cashier lead the training for new hires.
  • Let your staff know how training helps them – from processing more transactions to faster table turnovers, they can make more money by learning to properly navigate the POS.
  • Have a mobile POS? Let employees walk around the floor with the mPOS and gain experience with face-to-face selling.

After you’ve trained your staff, check in regularly with them. Your staff will be the POS power users, so ensure that POS adoption is going seamlessly and take all feedback seriously. Get started by checking out Revel University, a complementary training platform to assist businesses with the setup and onboarding process for all aspects of the Revel Systems POS.