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5 Restaurant Technologies Driving Customer Happiness

5 Restaurant Technologies Driving Customer Happiness

If you are in the service industry, you know that customer happiness is a key indicator of how your restaurant is performing and a key point of competitor differentiation. “Service with a smile,” while important, is just the tip of the iceberg in achieving customer happiness.

Drive customer happiness and dish out top notch service with these five restaurant technologies:

Digital Loyalty Programs

For example, the classic loyalty stamp card, printed on a small piece of paper, promotes a deal say, for every 10 coffees purchased you get one free. Even if the deal is beneficial to you and your customers, this small paper card will likely go unused or get lost.

Digitising your loyalty program allows you to stay organised, and arms you with loyalty members’ data that can help drive customer success. Your customers want digital access; a study found that 85% of loyalty program members prefer interacting with their favourite loyalty program online.

The data that a smart loyalty program can provide enables you to be more agile with your inventory and your price points. With this data, you can segment your customers to better understand what each segment buys, so you can choose loyalty programs that is most appealing to your customers and provides the highest returns.

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Bill Splitting

When large groups go out to dinner there is an expectation of going “dutch,” meaning that each diner will only pay for themselves. When some people carry cash and others card, splitting the bill becomes a headache for the diners and a nightmare for the restaurant.

Make it easy on your customers and smooth your back of house operations with an integrated bill splitting feature into a Point of Sale platform. Eliminate miscalculations and make going dutch painless for your diners.

Mobile Ordering

Enabling customers to order from anywhere on their own time, will improve customer happiness. It saves them time, empowers them with choice, and lets them engage with your brand in a unique and fun way.

Increase customer loyalty, by offering more and better ways to engage with customers through a fully-customisable mobile app, Custom Commerce.

Delivery Management

Delivery has come a long way since Domino’s “30 minutes or it’s free” campaign. Delivery is now synonymous with convenience as customers typically care about three things: How easy is it to order? How fast will my food come? Will I get exactly what I ordered?

Streamline your delivery processes and make your customers happy with a Delivery Management Console. This allows business owners the power to monitor the delivery side of their business from one centralised console, making sure customers are getting the right food in a timely manner.

Digital Menus

Make it easy to order for your customers with a Digital Menu Board. It solves the problems of handwritten signage and assures you of always presenting up to date pricing like differences from your lunch to dinner menus. A story on the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) website reveals that the most effective message boards are highly visible, with minimal print.

60% of consumers have not completed an intended purchase based on a poor customer service experience. Don’t risk this loss and equip your employees with the technology needed for them to provide exemplary service and ultimately cultivate a superior customer experience than your competitors.