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Say goodbye to hefty upfront hardware costs with RaaS!

Say goodbye to hefty upfront hardware costs with RaaS!

Opening up a new business or revamping an existing one can be a costly exercise. Unforeseen expenses often rear their head resulting in an unexpected drag to your cash flow, leaving you with no option but to compromise on other areas of your business.

Despite being a core pillar of many successful SMBs in the hospitality and retail sectors, a Point of Sale solution is often one of the last expenses that gets factored into the budget. It’s also one that can add a considerable dent when hardware and licensing costs need to be purchased upfront. To alleviate this issue, Revel has recently introduced the Revel as a Service (RaaS) program to our Australian customers. RaaS is an all inclusive hardware & software plan rolled into one monthly fee, saving you from paying any upfront costs, while providing you with the latest and greatest in hardware and technology for your business.

How RaaS will benefit your business

You may be thinking, OK, no hefty upfront costs, but how else will my business benefit from RaaS? We’re glad you asked! RaaS provides loads of invaluable benefits for your business including access to add-on modules, monthly hosting of the management console, on-going exclusive services to help you manage your environment and the replacement of defective or malfunctioning hardware at no additional cost.


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What’s even more exciting is that at the end of two years, we’ll swap out your existing hardware for brand new, updated models meaning that your business is always running on the best hardware on the market at no extra cost! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we’re offering Australian clients a 20% discount on all 24 month contracts until the 17th of March, 2017! Even if you’ve recently purchased hardware from us upfront, you can still take advantage of this great offer by moving over to the RaaS model. Simply contact one of our sales representatives to work out a plan tailored to your needs. Too easy!

To take advantage of this great introductory offer, get in contact with us today on or 02 8520 3344.

There’s never been a better time to take your business to the next level with Revel.

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