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4 Ways To Optimise Mobile For Small Businesses

4 Ways To Optimise Mobile For Small Businesses

Whether your phone is held in your hand, put in your pocket, or placed right next to you while you sleep, it’s suffice to say we are rarely without our loyal sidekick. While commerce exists in a mobile run world, small businesses have been slow to adopt the trend. In fact, three quarters of small businesses don’t have a mobile app, and of those that do, the vast majority are failing to optimise their mobile platform.

Even if you have a mobile platform, have you fully optimised it? You can’t risk losing out on this massive portal for profit.

Here are four ways to optimise mobile for small businesses:

Accept Mobile Orders

We’ve come a long way since Pizza Hut facilitated the first online order in 1994. In fact, with Custom Commerce, Revel’s white label app your business can do more than facilitate mobile orders but can now manage eCommerce deliveries, initiate loyalty programs, and enable customers to locate your business. Have full control of your omni-channel approach by customising the look and feel of your mobile app to match your branding.

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Let customers skip the line. With in-store mobile orders, businesses can stay agile by processing transactions anywhere on the floor, generating more sales and happier customers. Mobile Device Management software allows you to see the status of all mobile devices, their battery life and connectivity to ensure optimum performance throughout your business.

Optimise Your Website For Mobile

There are numerous screen sizes, types, and layouts per device. To create a clean and responsive design across all channels you can implement a fluid layout, meaning that the image adjusts proportionate to the screen size.

Also, by leveraging a customisable open source code, you can flexibly design your eCommerce store to include custom colours, logos, and social media links to match your unique brand.

Savvy Text Message Marketing

SAP discovered that 70% of mobile users they surveyed believe that text messages are a good way for a company to get the attention of its audience. The nature of text message marketing yields results; Small Business Trends reported that 98 percent of texts are opened and 90 percent are read within three minutes.

Elevate mobile marketing by refining the content. It should not read as spammy or invasive but instead thoughtful and personalised. By integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology with your SMS marketing, you can offer customer incentives and promotions to a targeted group. CRM also helps you easily track click-through-rates and better refine your marketing campaign for future success.  

Smarter Social

Nearly 80% of social media time is spent on mobile devices. Thus, having a mobile first approach to social media is imperative for small business success. Those scanning their news feeds, do so, at certain times of the day. To foster customer engagement, know when and how much to post, in order to optimise your reach.


Screenshot 2017-01-18 14.40.19

(via Fast Compay)

Is your social content easily readable, scannable, and shareable? While this sounds like an avalanche of adjectives, there is value in updating copy for mobile consumption. Breaking up long-form copy with paragraphs, headers, and visuals will make it easier to read and scan. Then, overlay this content with easy to access sharing links to ensure that your content is being shared among your social channels.

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When the majority of small businesses fail to reap the benefits of a mobile platform, it opens an opportunity for you to expand your digital footprint, mobilise your business, and gain a competitive advantage.