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Why a cloud based POS is the right call for your business

Why a cloud based POS is the right call for your business

Deciding on which point of sale is right for your business is a multifaceted question, but no matter which industry you operate in – be it hospitality, retail or events – the right solution can make all the difference to your business’ bottom line. With the right point of sale, your business can earn more money, reduce costs and increase efficiencies; but what’s the difference between a cloud-based POS, a digital cash register and a legacy POS system? Let us break it down for you:

Digital Cash Registers
Put simply, digital cash registers are just that; a computerised machine that facilitates basic transactions; nothing more, nothing less.

Legacy POS Systems
Legacy POS solutions tend to be run on expensive and dated proprietary technology and back office servers, leaving your business open to security issues, expensive maintenance and an inability to integrate with business critical systems. They also take up valuable space in a restaurant/ retail store.

Cloud-based tablet POS
Tablet POS systems tend to have low IT set up costs, negating the need for bulky proprietary equipment. They also allow restaurants and cafes to take orders on the floor which reduce queue times and increase order accuracy. While there a loads of positive attributes to Cloud-based POS solutions, not every system has been created equal. Unless the tablet POS has a true Always-On mode, operators run the risk of losing orders whenever the internet drops out. Businesses also need to ensure that their tablet-based solutions are robust enough to handle the requirements of their business, especially if they have a view to grow to multiple locations or even scale up to an enterprise level.

Revel iPad Point of Sale
Utilising cloud-based technology on a highly secure network, the Revel iPad Point of Sale has every tool that you could need to run your business. Featuring robust real-time reporting, advanced inventory, online ordering, delivery management, CRM, customer loyalty and loads more, Revel is a proven tool to increase profitability, efficiency and your customer base. In addition, Revel features a true Always-On mode so your business can continue to process transactions even when the internet drops out. We also integrate with industry leading service providers to make accounting, employee management and payroll a breeze. Our commitment to innovation means that we are constantly introducing new features and updates to ensure that your business stays ahead of the game.

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