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How technology can take the stress out of small business

How technology can take the stress out of small business

Running a small business is a tough gig. Long hours, the stress of managing staff, accounts and suppliers all while trying to turn a profit can be overwhelming.

A recent study surveying more than 1,000 small business owners found that while many Australians felt a sense of achievement from owning their own business, almost half admitted to losing sleep at night thinking about work. The most common concerns were around managing cash flow at 42 percent, followed by balancing professional and personal life at 33 percent, and managing financial responsibilities at 30 percent.

These stressors are generally part and parcel with operating a small business, however with the right tools in place – especially in terms of technology – small business owners can manage many time-consuming business related tasks efficiently, and direct their energy towards growing their dream business.

The Revel Systems iPad Point of Sale encompasses loads of robust features and integrations designed to help business owners manage their operations better. This includes everything from payroll and staff scheduling, to accounting and reporting; making it easier for your business to keep on top of its books.

When it comes to growing your customer base, Revel’s marketing capabilities and integrations have you covered. We’ve got a built-in loyalty program together with advanced Customer Relationship Management capabilities to keep your customers coming back. We’ve also got sophisticated online ordering capabilities which can be facilitated via your website or on our own White Label App; and great marketing capabilities which enable you to send promotions directly to your customer base via email or push notifications.

Managing and growing your business doesn’t have to be a chore! Get in contact with us today on 1300 805 730 or to find out more.