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The Revelutionaries: Project Y Frozen Yoghurt

The Revelutionaries: Project Y Frozen Yoghurt

We here at Revel Systems are proud to help businesses big and small succeed and grow across a range of industries, including those in the not-for-profit sector. One client that we are particularly chuffed to be working with is educational social enterprise, Cambodia Rural School Trust (CRST).

Founded upon the mission of breaking the poverty cycle through education, the Trust decided to open its first educational social enterprise store, Project Y Frozen Yoghurt, in Siem Reap, Cambodia in 2015. The store is staffed by CRST university students with all profits used to sponsor students’ high school and university education together with various community projects. Located in the bustling Night Market Street, Project Y serves frozen yoghurt, smoothies, iced drinks and granitas to hungry patrons with Revel powering their point of sale. The opportunity to work within the store provides CRST’s students with valuable business and customer service skills.

22 year old CRST student, Tok Louen is currently working in the Production Department of Project Y and is passionate about helping other students like him empower themselves through education.

“I am now working in the Production Department and in addition to this department, I also rotate to other departments every six months such as Sales, HR, Finance and Marketing,” says Tok. “This way I can improve my English with foreigners and I have more confidence too. I am not only getting skills, but I can also help to raise money for other students to join the NGO. Moreover, if I can help more students from poor families in the country side, I can help them to have more opportunities like me.”

To find out more about CRST and Project Y click here.

Project Y represents the first of many stories in our Revelutionaries series. The series shines a light on businesses that encompass the Revel entrepreneurial spirit by challenging the status quo.