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4 ways to make tipping less awkward

4 ways to make tipping less awkward

Tipping can be a bit of a taboo subject Down Under.

Unlike North America where compulsory tipping is ingrained into the culture, we here in the antipodes tend to view tips as something that should be earned through great service delivery; and not only do we believe that tips should be earned, we also like the process to be discreet.

Given that the custom lives in a relatively grey area here in Oz, we thought we’d put together a few pointers to help make the tipping process that little bit easier both for staff and for guests.

  1. Never ask for a tip
    This has one to be right up there. If a customer wants to tip, then they’ll tip. If you prompt them, you run the risk of getting them offside.
  2. Ensure your service is as seamless and as friendly as possible
    This is a bit of a no-brainer. Friendly service is a huge driver for tips in Australia; sometimes even more so than the product or service being delivered.
  3. Trust in the switch to pin
    When the pen was ditched for the pin in August 2014, a number of restaurants and cafes were concerned that tips could become a distant memory. While some operators claim that they noticed a slight decrease in tips due to the widespread adoption of tap and go and the elimination of signatures, most modern payment terminals now have a discreet option for diners to leave a tip. A prompt appears on the terminal at point of purchase at which point the customer can choose to leave a tip or not without the waiter’s knowledge.
  4. Ensure you have efficient processes in place
    Ensuring that the payment process is as smooth as possible is another factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. Revel integrates with some excellent payment processor providers such as Tyro and PC Eftpos who have made the facilitation of seamless transactions their core business.

    To find out more about Revel’s fantastic payment terminal integration partners, give us a yell on 1300 805 730 or