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4 Reasons to Add Online Ordering to Your Restaurant

4 Reasons to Add Online Ordering to Your Restaurant

It’s every restaurant owner’s worst nightmare; your place is packed, the phone is ringing off the hook, and perspective customers pop in, see the crowd, and walk out. And, you know you’ll never have the chance to serve them again. Sometimes a busy restaurant can actually cause customers to go somewhere else; but, what if you had online ordering? Having an online presence can make your restaurant stand out in the crowd and reach a huge customer base in the process. Here are a few more reasons online ordering is essential to any modern eatery.

  1. Getting Ahead of the Competition

According to the Quora website, 95 percent of independent restaurants don’t have a mobile website, and 40 percent have menus that can’t be read online. In fact, 50 percent don’t even have a basic website. In an age dominated by technology, those statistics are almost unbelievable. Adding online ordering can definitely give you a huge advantage over your competition.

  1. Customer Convenience

Your customers are busy and they’re used to interacting with technology in just about every facet of their lives. Allowing them to order online is a sure way to streamline the ordering process, trim wait times, and assure a smooth customer experience.

  1. Customisable Pick-up Times

Another time saver is being able to place an order and pick it up at a later time. Suppose one of your regulars is working late but wants to grab something later to bring home. As long as the pick-up time is within your normal business hours, that meal will be waiting when they arrive.

  1. Mobile Ordering

It’s hard not to be immersed in technology these days, especially since just about all of your customers have smart phones, tablets, and computers. With mobile ordering capabilities they can order food on the go from just about anywhere.

Revel Can Show You the Way to Online Ordering
Revel’s Online Ordering function, found in our iPad POS system, does everything listed above and plenty more, assuring your customers the best online ordering experience possible. With so many restaurants missing out on the incredible potential of having an online identity, can you really afford not to offer online ordering? Visit Revel’s website or give us a call at: 1800 805 730 to find out how easy and cost effective a Revel iPad POS system can be.