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Tech update: stocktaking products as ingredients

Tech update: stocktaking products as ingredients

Stocktake: a sometimes painful but always necessary element of business in today’s hospitality scene. To help you keep on top of your inventory, we’ve recently updated our ingredient feature so you can account for a Product as an Ingredient in the backend, saving you from stocktaking a particular item in two different ways.

This update provides an easier and less cumbersome way for you to accurately account for particular items that you sell, but also use as an ingredient: for example, single origin coffee beans which you may sell by the bag but also use as an ingredient in your cafe. This tool is also exceptionally helpful in bars where a bottle of wine that you sell by the bottle but also by the glass.

For all the technical details on how to employ this exciting new update to your Revel iPad POS, check out the 2.13 release notes here.