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Deepest Quickbooks Integration Revolutionizes Point of Sale

Deepest Quickbooks Integration Revolutionizes Point of Sale

In late 2014, Revel landed the largest partnership in the Point of Sale space with Intuit, which spent ten months researching the best system with which to sync their QuickBooks accounting program. The integration has been nothing short of revolutionary, simplifying the back-end process of running a business for countless owners. Here’s how the flexibility of two leading cloud solutions can help you manage and improve your financial outlook—from any location.

Automatic data sync
Track daily sales quickly. With QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel, data automatically syncs from the POS into QuickBooks, saving you time and money on manual inputting. At the end of the day, you’ll even receive an email notification with all the data in spreadsheet form.

Real-time data
QuickBooks is easy to use and accessible from any Internet-ready computer or mobile device. Check sales numbers during the family vacation, or run a food truck operation without an actual office. Revel’s QuickBooks integration can help you save a tremendous amount on overhead costs while effectively managing day-to-day operations.

Exporting capabilities
Is it tax time already? Got a meeting with an investor or potential business partner? No problem—with Revel’s QuickBooks integration, you can export a variety of reports on business operations and spending in any popular file type, including CSV, XLS, and JSON.

Track inventory
How much is your product costing you? With a built-in inventory cost analysis tool, QuickBooks syncs inventory adjustments directly to QuickBooks Online so you know your product inventory costs are always up to date.

Pay vendors and employees
QuickBooks is famous for handling payroll, but you can also use it to pay your vendors online. Most businesses work with a host of third parties, from suppliers to contractors, and QuickBooks organizes and syncs the bills associated with your vendor purchases, so you can manage and build relationships with ease.

Make sound financial decisions. QuickBooks can help you evaluate which areas of your business are most profitable, as well as determine when to expect peaks and lulls in cash flow. With Revel’s all-in-one system to manage your entire business, you will reduce labor costs, keep an accurate account of your business performance at all times, and ease the challenges of running a business. Sign up for a free test drive of Quickbooks Point of Sale powered by Revel Systems here.

Watch a short video introducing Quickbooks Point of Sale powered by Revel Systems