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5 Reasons to Switch to an iPad POS System

5 Reasons to Switch to an iPad POS System

Making tough decisions and meeting challenges head on are traits all business owners have in common. You’ve got to be able to wear many hats to make your enterprise successful; and being able to tell the difference between a fad and a trend is key to achieving both short-term and long range goals. Whether you own a restaurant or bar, a small grocery store or a chain of retail outlets, the trend toward incorporating technology into your business is taking hold. A 2013 article on correctly positions iPad POS systems as the possible future for retailers and other business endeavors. Here’s why:

  1. Costs
    A cloud-based POS system that utilizes tablets provides substantial savings since you won’t need to invest in servers or costly registers and terminals. An iPad POS system can be tailored to the specific needs or your business today, and leaves room to grow as your business grows.
  2. Security
    Protecting your data, and perhaps more importantly, your customer’s data is essential in today’s digital business environment. The industry standard is PCI/P2PE compliance. The POS system you choose should meet this standard and protect information during card swipes by utilizing proprietary 256 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.
  3. Integration
    Seamless integration into your existing business model is essential to maintaining continuity during the switch-over time. Your new iPad POS system needs to work hand in hand with popular platforms from Intuit QuickBooks, Apple Pay and Shopify. Also, iPad POS systems can integrate with hardware such as barcode scanners, digital menu boards, and printers for ultimate efficiency.
  4. Data Management
    Knowing what your customers want is key to keeping and growing a healthy customer base. A versatile iPad POS system should create and manage customer profiles based on purchase order history, personal information, and preferences. This allows you to manage email or text message alerts, and gift card and loyalty program participation. You should also have billing, shipping, or pick-up data at your fingertips.
  5. Staffing
    Nothing affects the bottom line like the immediacy of having personnel on the clock. In businesses working with tight profit margins, payroll management is critical to success. An iPad POS system can track busy times as well as slow times so you’ll know when to bring in more people or work with a smaller crew. If your business relies on deliveries, tracking drivers in real time is also a preferred feature on an iPad POS system.

Choosing the Right iPad POS System for your Business
Every Revel iPad POS system comes with features that include; Intelligent Reporting that tracks business and sales performance in real time from anywhere; Labor Forecasting so you’ll be able to set schedules based on cost percentage goals, and Inventory Management for real time tracking that lowers costs by knowing intuitively (Based on current and past stock levels) when and what you need to order. Revel Systems can customize an iPad POS system for any business, small or large, from bars and restaurants, mom and pop grocery stores, and retail stores to name a few. Click here to see just how easy it is to get started.