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Congrats to the Stanford OHS Robotics Team!

Congrats to the Stanford OHS Robotics Team!

Congrats to the Stanford Online High School (OHS) Robotics Team, who won the Super-Regional National competition round of the FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Competition! The FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Competition is a tournament to inspire young people to become science and technology leaders. In the competition, students from grades 7-12 are responsible for designing, building, and programming their robots to compete against other teams head to head. As part of Revel’s commitment to advancing science, technology, and entrepreneurship in Education, Revel proudly sponsors the Stanford OHS Robotics Team and is excited for their hard earned success.

Since 2014, the Stanford OHS Robotics Team has worked tirelessly qualifying through multiple preliminary rounds. In the Super-Regional event, they competed against 71 teams from 13 Western states and won the entire competition with their alliance with two other teams; the win even established a new world record score in the final games. The dominating team eventually advanced to the World Championship, which took place in Missouri on April 22-25, against 127 FTC teams from 15 participating countries. We want to give a big shoutout to the team as Revel could not be prouder. Go team go!

The Stanford OHS Team's Robot

The Stanford OHS Team’s Robot