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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

With the New Year here, it’s important to look back and reflect on the previous year. 2014 was an eventful year for Revel with the fourth annual Revelry held in November, Revel’s integration with Apple Pay, and the introduction of QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel Systems to name a few. Gathered are the top 10 blog posts of 2014 to capture the major news and stories around Revel last year. Lets take a look:

1. Revel Works with Apple Pay

Revel successfully offers Apple Pay integration with its iPad POS systems. Apple Pay allows users to make payments from their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, without the need to share credit card or other personal information. Major franchises including Macy’s, Target and Whole Foods have already adopted Apple Pay Technology. With Apple Pay being secure, convenient and easy to adopt for its users, demand is only expected to grow. Start accepting Apple Pay on your Revel iPad POS today.

2. QuickBooks Point of Sale Powered by Revel Systems

The major announcement of Revel Systems’ and Intuit’s partnership was made last year, followed by the introduction of QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel Systems. This new solution allows users to automatically sync data from the POS into QuickBooks Online (QBO) as well as have a summarized breakdown of daily financial transactions, inventory and payroll sent to QBO.  Accounting for your business has never been easier than with the QuickBooks POS powered by Revel Systems.

3. Delivery Management Console: New and Improved Functionality

Understand how to fully take advantage of your Delivery Management Console. Track average delivery and food prep time, aggregate delivery totals and breakdown delivery payments. The updated Delivery Management Console allows users to group deliveries by location, organize orders by paid/unpaid and set up GPS powered step by step directions for drivers.

4. Meet the Revel iPad POS Support Team: Oscar, Michael and Vanesa

Meet the faces behind the Revel Systems Support Team: Oscar Romero, Michael Spadafore and Vanesa Zamudio. Learn about their backgrounds, what drew them to support and what their best client success stories are. They share the most common fixes, biggest challenges and what the world should know about Revel Systems Support.

5. Revel and Swarm Partner on First iBeacon POS Solution for QSR and Hospitality

Swarm and Revel Systems partnered in 2014 to provide merchants with an entire view of their business analytics as well as real-time push notifications and messaging to customers. Swarm’s iBeacon-enabled devices help businesses gain insight into customer analytics, including dayparts, throughput, conversion and loyalty.

6. Customer Testimonial: The Station SF

The Station SF is cafe located in San Francisco on the edge of the famous North Beach neighborhood. Chris Dressick, managing partner, shares his story on how The Station SF started, why he chose the iPad Point of Sale and in particular, why he chose Revel to help manage and run his business. Discover his road to success with the Revel iPad POS system and what’s next for Chris and The Station SF.

7. Revelry 2014

Revel Systems held its fourth annual Revelry on November 17, 2014. Revelry is an event celebrating another year of success for the team and company. Hundreds of industry leaders, top-tier publications, sponsors and the Revel team gather to celebrate Revel Systems as the leader in the iPad Point of Sale market.

8. Meet the Designers: Antonio and Kasi

Meet Revel’s top notch designers: Antonio Aiello and Kasi Jorgesen. Learn about each designer’s artistic background and how they started their career in design. They share what a typical day is like working at Revel Systems, how they collaborate to achieve a cohesive look for Revel’s product and deep dive into the entire process behind the design for the Revel Kiosk.

9. Announcing the New Revel Kiosk

Revel Systems announced the latest version of kits Kiosk Point of Sale in August 2014. The new customer-facing kiosk provides a more efficient customer experience with new features, including an advanced matrix system for an easier selection process, easy editing capabilities, a more visually appealing user experience and the option to process multiple payment methods.

10. Top QuickBooks Tips for Restaurants

With the introduction of the QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel Systems, its important to know the top QuickBooks tips for you business; in this particular case, restaurants. Learn how to utilize QuickBooks to closely monitor inventory, track daily sales, manage distribution of tips and make sound financial decisions.

2014 was a busy year for Revel Systems. We look forward to another year of successful milestones and helping our customers grow and manage their business easier while increasing sales.

Cheers to the New Year!