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Accessibility App

Accessibility App

As many of you know, on Wednesday Revel announced its Accessibility App. This enables visually impaired owners, employees, and customers full use of the Revel iPad POS.

This is on the heels of a recent class action lawsuit, in which a well-known retailer was accused of discriminating against the visually impaired. The use of touch screen point of sale devices, without providing an alternate system that was accessible to the blind, was in direct violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Moreover, the nature of the touchscreen system meant that visually impaired customers had to share confidentially PIN information when paying with debit, as there was no alternate means provided other than entering the PIN on the touchscreen.

This poses multiple issues, including data security of the visually impaired customer and their ability to use the system. A touch screen POS also has the potential of impeding visually impaired employees and owners and overall limits the accessibility of the POS. In our goal to empower businesses everywhere, Revel has made its iPad POS accessible by all users, including the visually impaired. By pairing a bluetooth keyboard with the iPad and installing the Accessibility App, visually impaired users and customers are allowed full access of the iPad POS. As CTO Chris Ciabarra notes, “Any key you push, the point of sale system will talk back to you; if you do something it’ll say what you’re doing and what’s in your order.”

Check out the Accessibility App in action in this video below:

Some of the coverage included:

  • PaymentsSource, which highlighted the use of a tactile, bluetooth keyboard to complement the Accessibility App. Revel iPad POS CTO Chris Ciabarra commented on the reason behind this recent update. Like many many updates to Revel’s product, the Accessibility App came as a result of a client request. This client has now been using the system for a few months, with more in the pipeline.
  • Retail Customer Experience, which examined how many touchscreen systems don’t offer the verbal menu cues needed to operate the POS system. The incorporated voice commands in the Accessibility App allows visually impaired users to search and select menu items, and otherwise conduct business as usual.
  • PaymentEye, which noted some of the key points from the press release, including how existing touch screen systems don’t allow for visually impaired customers to enter their PINs securely; and Revel’s vision in terms of creating an iPad POS system that is accessible to everyone.

Further coverage included: Business Solutions Magazine, Integrated Solutions for Retailers, and Vertical Systems Reseller.