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Meet a Reveler: Tawni

Meet a Reveler: Tawni
  1. What is your name and position at Revel? Tawni Cravillion, Account Manager
  2. My favorite snack from our kitchen is… Pringles!!!
  3. I like my eggs… Scrambled with cheese…please
  4. The biggest Hollywood celebrity I’ve run into was… Lance Armstrong
  5. My motto/philosophy is… “The best thing about being lost is finding somewhere new”
  6. Where would you like to see a Revel POS that does not have it now? In N Out Burger
  7. Cats or Dogs? Dogs, Chorkies to be exact.
  8. My spot to grab a drink is… Lolita’s in the Mission.
  9. Fruits or Vegetables? Fruit
  10. When I was a kid I was… Always barefoot.
  11. The one city I feel at home is… San Francisco, CA!!!
  12. My favorite things about working at Revel is Great ideas, great team spirit, great purpose. (Killer Happy Hours) :)