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Top 5 Food Delivery Drones

Top 5 Food Delivery Drones

Convenience is in high demand these days, and that includes consumer dining options. Online ordering is a boon to the busy parent or office worker, and having food delivered allows for even more convenience. What if customers could have top 5 of their favorite foods delivered via drone?

We know it’s happening—it’s only a matter of when. Here’s our list of top 5 foods that could (or should) be delivered by drone:

  • Beer:  Sounds amazing, right? Lakemaid Brewery in Wisconsin recently flew a twelve pack of their brew to some ice fishermen. Although the FAA shut them down right away, it is an intriguing thought:  What if, instead of having to fetch more beers during your favorite sport (or sporting event), you could have it delivered by drone?

  • Sushi:  As we highlighted in July, Yo! Sushi has developed an “iTray” which delivers food via quadcopter to patrons. Although this particular instance requires patrons to actually be at the restaurant to receive their orders (waiters control the quadcopters via iPad), it would be great to have sushi delivered on demand.

  • Tacos:  Although its still in beta, San Francisco-based TacoCopter promises you “flying robots [that] deliver tacos to your location.” An unfortunate theme has emerged, however, as this startup has also been blocked by the FAA. It might be because we’re San Francisco-based and taco-loving ourselves, but we hope to see them off the ground in the near future.

  • Produce:  With the inception of Amazon Prime Air and Amazon Fresh, we’d love to see produce delivered via drone. Produce delivery italian food in las vegas
    via drone would ensure freshness and a speedy delivery, and help us avoid those cumbersome trips to the grocery store.

Until the FAA changes its rules about using UAVs [Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, like drones] for commercial purposes, we can continue to dream about the foods we’d like to see delivered. And, in the meantime, customers can always order ahead with PayPal, and owners can track deliveries via a centralized console. This way business owners can take advantage of this need for convenience without having to deploy their own fleet of drones.