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Revel’s POS & New Year’s Eve Success

Revel’s POS & New Year’s Eve Success

Getting your bar ready for the New Year

For many bar and restaurant patrons, New Year’s Eve is a major night out—the last hurrah of the holidays. As a bar owner, be sure to take advantage of the increased foot traffic and ensure it’s a successful New Year for all. A well-stocked bar and an intuitive POS system are the only tools you need to ensure that this year goes out with a bang.

Follow these easy steps for New Year’s Eve success:

  • Advertise your specials with social media:  Are you pouring special drinks on New Year’s Eve? Tell your customers about them ahead of time on your Facebook page and Twitter account. Continue to post about specials the day of via Revel’s point of sale.
  • Take stock:  Keep up to date on your inventory in the days approaching New Year’s Eve. What are you running low on? Be sure to stock popular items like champagne and domestic beer—generate purchase orders directly from the POS to stock up on these crucial beverages.
  • Use your analytics:  What drinks were big sellers last year? Check your in-depth sales reports to see which items were a hit, and which ones weren’t. This allows you to make informed decisions when planning your New Year’s Eve drink menu.
  • Put mPOS to work:  Using a mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution allows for linebusting and reduced wait times. Waiters sporting a mobile POS can also bring the party to the guests by taking orders tableside, a feature great for restaurants and bars alike.

By advertising your specials and stocking those best-selling beverages, your bar will be certain to have a successful New Year’s Eve. Your customers will be happy they chose your bar to celebrate 2013 drawing to a close. Revel’s POS for bars will ensure a prosperous 2014 (and beyond).