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The Importance of a Portable Cash Register

The Importance of a Portable Cash Register

Cash registers can be a big impediment for shop owners. Initially they might not seem that way, but when you consider how static and slow they can make your customers’ buying experience, you’ll have to agree that the cash register is a pretty archaic piece of equipment.

Think about it:  The cash register is anchored to an arbitrary spot in your store or restaurant and every time a customer wants to buy something, they have to walk to it. This whole experience can be streamlined by upgrading your store to operate with a portable cash register. This provides a new opportunity to not be anchored to a counter, and you are now free to interact with customers on the floor. You can go directly to them, helping them with any questions, checking inventory, and ringing them up on the spot.

There are benefits of a Portable Cash Register, or mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) for multiple verticals, including:

  1. Grocery Stores: One of the biggest concerns for a grocery store owner is the rush hour period, when lines get out of hand and customers start to get… well, aggravated. In many of these cases, there is no way to streamline the buying process because grocery stores are limited by their number of checkout lanes. But, with a series of portable cash registers, your staff can immediately check customers out. No lines, no waiting, no problems.
  2. Retail Stores: Any retail store owner will tell you that one of the one of the toughest barriers to a sale is that brief window of reconsideration, right after a customer sees an item that strikes their interest and decides to buy it. This period is often prolonged because of the time it takes for the customer to get from the area of the store where they picked up the item to the cash register. But, with a portable cash register, your service staff can approach and assist your customers! This type of service allows customers to buy a product at a moment’s notice. No lines, no hesitation, no waiting.
  3. Quick Service Restaurants: For a QSR, the drive-through is an amazing source of income. Unfortunately, it can also be a huge customer service problem. The wait times for cars to move through the line can keep prospective customers from entering or, if they do decide to join the rush, returning to your restaurant. The best way to fix this problem? Implement a mobile cash register that your employees can take to your patrons while they wait. Your customers can order and pay while they wait in line, streamlining your drive-through’s efficiency. Adding a “line buster” at your QSR restaurant will cut down on wait times, keeping customers happy and improving your bottom line.

The importance of having a portable cash register is clear, but how can you get your hands on one? It’s simple: Revel Systems can implement exactly the type of setup that you need. From pre-selecting your store or restaurant’s new hardware to tailoring your portable cash register’s software to your needs, Revel Systems is the first place to look if you want to streamline your customer’s buying experience.