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A Night of Revelry Recap

A Night of Revelry Recap

A Night of Revelry was a smashing success, and we at Revel Systems would like to extend a special thank you to our sponsors, and to everyone who attended the event. You all made A Night of Revelry a night to remember!

Night of Revelry ice sculpture

Ice Sculpture at A Night of Revelry

In particular, we would like to thank our sponsors: Epson, APG Cash Drawer, Mercury, USAePay, PayPal™, Merchant Warehouse, FARE, Vasquez Benisek & Lindgren, Vantage Point, Lappert’s Ice Cream, and Darn Good Food.

For those of you who weren’t able to make it this year, here is a brief recap of the event:

  • Founder Speech: Co-founders Chris Ciabarra and Lisa Falzone gave a speech highlighting how Revel has grown in the past year. Revel has come so far, and grown tremendously–and the co-founders’ speech and subsequent toast was met with a roaring round of applause.

  • Epson Bar with specialty Revelry drinks: Drinks included the Revel Kamikaze, Revel Royale, and Revel Devil.

  • Screen Printing Courtesy of Mercury: Revelry guests could stop by the screen printing booth to get their own custom shirt printed.

  • USAePay Photobooth: Guests were invited to make some memories in the photobooth.

  • Ice Cream Bar: Lappert’s Ice Cream provided Revelry guests with delicious sundaes.

  • Dancing, and overall Revelry: No explanation necessary.

We hope you all had a wonderful time, and would love to see you at next year’s event. If you have any suggestions for next year, feel free to leave them in the comments below. And don’t forget to #revelup!


Chris and Lisa at a Night of Revelry

Co-founders Chris and Lisa at A Night of Revelry