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iPad POS | Owner calculating dead stock

What is Dead Stock? – Inventory Management Analysis

What is Dead Stock?  Inventory control is probably one of the trickiest aspects of running any business. If you’re understocked, you can’t make sales and customers will be inconvenienced. On the other hand, if you overdo it, you might have too much money tied up in your inventory. This also creates a potentially big problem in the form of dead stock. If you don’t get it under control, dead stock can eat up your profits....

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iPad POS | Digital marketing strategies

Stay Open for Business with Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies That Can Help Your Business During Lockdown Digital solutions, including digital marketing strategies, have long been hot topics for the business marketplace. Then 2020 happened, and these strategies are more crucial than ever.  Over these past months, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s lifestyles and many countries are still in lockdown. Businesses are starting to fail because physical stores have been forced to keep their doors closed. Companies most at risk, of...

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iPad POS | Expansion sales representative Chris

Expansion Sales Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

How Chris Helps Execute Expansion Sales at Revel We’re back with another edition of our employee-focused blog series. Read on to meet another member of the talented team that fuels Revel, also known as the “People point of sale (POS).” In case you missed our last People POS spotlight, we shared how Wendy helps lead product engineering at Revel. Check it out to learn more about her favorite parts of leading a team of product...

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iPad POS | Employee evaluating inventory control

What is Inventory Control? – Definition & Common Systems

What is Inventory Control? Inventory control can spell the difference between success and failure with your business. Proper control can help maximize your profits while maintaining minimal stock in your warehouse. Indeed, getting to that point of inventory management perfection is the holy grail for most companies. So what is inventory control, and how can you implement it within your own business? What is the meaning of inventory control? Inventory control refers to the methods...

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iPad POS | reducing food waste in restaurants

Reducing Food Waste in Restaurants: How to Track & Save

How Can Restaurants Reduce Waste? Reducing food waste in restaurants is one of the most pressing problems in modern-day America. We are known the world over for our wasteful culture, and every year the tons of food dumped into our landfills prove this fact. As a restaurateur, you can do your part by taking mindful steps to avoid contributing to this problem. Here are some tips on how to reduce food waste in restaurants. Food...

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iPad POS | Employee using productivity apps for restaurants

Restaurant Productivity Apps: Task, Inventory & Order Mgmt

A Guide to Productivity Apps for Restaurants  Ask any restaurant manager and they’ll make it clear that running a restaurant is no easy job. Long hours, staff management and customer complaints are just a part of it. Luckily, as technology advances, schedules have been streamlined, work simplified, and management activities coordinated. There’s an app for almost everything these days, and restaurants are not being left behind in the software, technology, and services available. There are...

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iPad POS | backorder

What Does Backorder Mean? [Item Management Definitions]

What Does Backorder Mean? If you’re wondering, “What is a backorder?” then we’re here to help clear things up for you! A backorder is an order for a product that is currently out of stock but will be available at a later date.  Backorders can send mixed signals regarding how well a business is doing. Some companies wear it as a badge of honor because backorders show customers that their products are in high demand....

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iPad POS | KPIs for eCommerce

5 KPIs for eCommerce Conversions

5 KPIs You Should Follow to Have a Successful High-Converting eCommerce Store The popularity of eCommerce can be explained by many factors. Simplicity is one of them. In alignment with the idea of simplicity, this post will focus on a few simple KPIs for eCommerce operators.  So, what’s simple about eCommerce? It is easier to set up a site than it is to find a perfect location and pay tons for decorating and premises. It...

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iPad POS | what is inventory management

What is Inventory Management? Stock & Order Systems

What is Inventory Management? Inventory or stock management is one of the most critical aspects of most modern businesses. In a nutshell, it’s a system for monitoring, purchasing, producing, and selling of any physical stock in your operation. It can be either for raw materials, finished goods, or both. The inventory management definition might be simple, but the process gets more complex with larger companies. There are many components involved that are both within and...

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iPad POS | customer retention strategies

9 Proven Customer Retention Strategies For E-commerce

Attracting a lot of customers is definitely one of the hardest, but also most important tasks for e-commerce. And once you’ve attracted shoppers, customer retention is fundamental as well. Customer retention strategies are the most efficient and cost-saving solution for turning the new customers into loyal, regular patrons. This blog post will explore some of the strategies you can explore for customer retention at your business.  E-commerce Growth Strategies  Specialists define two of the most...

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iPad POS | Team calculating safety stock level

How to Calculate Safety Stock Level for Retail Businesses

How to Calculate Safety Stock Level for Retail Businesses  Supply chain problems happen all the time. Machinery breakdowns, adverse weather, a surge in product demand, or a pandemic are all unpredictable events that could lead to your products being unavailable. In all cases the impact on a business will be negative. But business owners can’t just cross their fingers and hope for the best when it comes to determining safety stock levels that will help...

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iPad POS | How to start a restaurant

How to Start a Restaurant: Build & Open Your Business

How to Start a Restaurant If food is your passion, there’s a chance you’ve thought about how to start a restaurant business. Food is an excellent concept for a business: though certain trends come and go, the desire to have great food and share it with other people is a timeless human tradition. Many Americans don’t have the time or inclination to cook, and in pre-pandemic times, they averaged dining out 5.9 times a week....

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