iPad POS | EMV

Everything Your Business Needs To Know About EMV

Despite slow-moving adoption in the US, EMV technology has been widely adopted in other regions, such as Europe, Canada, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. The disparity in adoption rates can be attributed to the fact that businesses in the US were not incentivized to adopt EMV technology until 2015. A study surveyed US adoption after one year since the standard took effect, and found that 44% of US card-accepting merchants have EMV terminals...

iPad POS | Bar Pazzo: Growing Up In The Restaurant Business

Bar Pazzo: Growing Up In The Restaurant Business

Knowing what you want to do early on is easier for some than others. For Sam Agolino, owner of Bar Pazzo in Pennsylvania, he knew what he wanted do since childhood. Growing up in a family restaurant, Agolino was inspired by his father and what he made for his family. At the age of 11, he begged his father to let him work and he ended up starting as a dishwasher. After getting his hands...

iPad POS | questions

8 Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Their Employees

Whether you are shopping around for new technology for your business or you want to gain insight into the successes and challenges of your current platform, your employees input matters a lot. From front of house—servers, hosts, cashiers, sales, shift leads, etc—to back of house—line cooks, expediters, stock-keepers, etc, your workforce is the backbone of your business. Your staff are the power users of your business’ technology. Their feedback is necessary in order for you...

iPad POS | How Revel Protects Your Restaurant Against Data Breaches

How Revel Protects Your Restaurant Against Data Breaches

Restaurant owners are replacing their bulky legacy systems for a sleek and feature-rich Point of Sale platform to streamline their operations and modernize their business. A major consideration behind the movement towards next generation Point of Sale platforms is security. Restaurants are a popular target for hackers, and data security has become one of the greatest threats to a restaurant’s bottom line and reputation. A study by Trustwave reported that the top four types of...

iPad POS | refferal program

Revel In Your Referral Program

It will probably come as no surprise that word-of-mouth recommendations account for 65% of new business according to the New York Times. That means that the majority of your new customers have heard about you from a friend or trusted resource and decide to come in and see for themselves what others are raving about. And get this – customers who are referred to your business end up more loyal than non-referred customers. Word-of-Mouth Marketing...

iPad POS | business crises

4 Business Crises & How To Avoid Them With A POS

Businesses are vulnerable to a number of consequential situations. From power outages to theft and data breaches, your business could be at risk of critical loss or even irreparable damage. The good news is this doesn’t have to be the case. You can keep your doors open and your business running smoothly with tools designed to navigate through unplanned business crises. With a Revel Point of Sale, you have the peace of mind that the...

How Retailers Are Challenging Amazon

5x more people will develop brand loyalty when they shop in person rather than online.

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iPad POS | data

Revel In Your Data

Are you operating your business based on data-driven decisions? In today’s competitive landscape, business owners and managers need to understand key performance metrics and how to interpret data sets in order to survive and thrive in their respective industries. Here are three types data that you can analyze and channel into wins for your business: Sales Data Your sales data is key to understanding your gross revenue and what drives your top line. As a...

iPad POS | staffing management

Revel POS 101: Answering Your Staffing Management Questions

Effective staffing is critical to the success of your business. From hiring the right employees for the right positions to controlling labor costs, Revel has the reporting capabilities to help you make the most out of your staff (and keep them happy). We’ve answered your staffing management questions to make sure you’re getting the most out of your POS platform. Employee Profit Report Who is my most profitable employee per hour? Who are my least...

iPad POS | We Revel In Your Success

We Revel In Your Success

As Revel continues to grow, we realized that it was the perfect time to take a step back to think about who we are as a company—both internally and externally. As a result, it became evident that we had an incredible opportunity to align our brand even more closely to our company mission. To best explain what this means to our customers, we sat down with our Director of Marketing, Jennifer Levanduski.  Coming from a...

iPad POS | increase revenue

Revel POS 101: Unexpected Ways You Can Increase Revenue

There are a number of ways to increase revenue streams; two common ways include deploying an online ordering system and mobile app for your business. So even if you’ve successfully implemented these features, there are still a number of opportunities you can leverage to increase payment options and extend your business. Get the highest return from your POS and increase your bottom line with these unexpected ways to increase revenue: Invoices Invoices are a list...

iPad POS | Retail POS Software

3 Reasons SMBs Are Moving Towards Retail POS Software

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have to run lean to survive, and this means getting the most out of any software, service, or software-as-a-service (SaaS) they use. This is particularly true when it comes to retail. Retail solutions that combine POS with other mission-critical processes can help keep costs down and streamline your workflows. Retail POS software comes in many different forms, but the most recent editions combine a point of sale module with several...

iPad POS | logo

How To Create A Business Logo

A logo is the visual embodiment of your business. If done right, in a split second consumers can identify the name of your business and most importantly – how they feel about your business. From identifying the colors that make up Google lettering to recognizing McDonald’s’ golden arches from a distance, brand familiarity is a key measurement of success. In fact, MarketingProfs reported that consumers are more likely to ascribe positive attributes such as trust,...

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