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Restaurant Omni-Channel Platform

A powerful platform for your restaurant

Reach new customers and additional revenue streams with a platform approach. Today’s customers have cellphones as their sidekicks and expect a seamless experience from mobile ordering to payments for takeout. To stay competitive, it’s imperative to connect all customer channels while having a trustworthy backend to make sense of the several facets of data.

Revel's solution for restaurants is a powerful digital platform that fully integrates all purchasing channels with the Point of Sale. The Revel iPad POS offers countless direct and 3rd party integration paths so you can customize your restaurant omni-channel solution. All data feeds into Revel’s real-time reporting suite, where you can leverage the data to make business-boosting decisions.

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Consumer Technology Engagement

By the end of 2015, just over half of restaurant mobile apps were capable of accepting food and drink orders and 58% enabled payment.

Hospitality Technology 2015 Consumer Engagement Technology Study

Mobile apps with food and drink ordering, and payments

Popular Integrations

The most popular integration in the restaurant space today is loyalty programs, along with data warehousing and mobile... Any successful company in the industry is banking on mobile as a key part of their future business.

Aaron Allen Restaurant Consultant and Restaurant Marketing Expert

Loyalty, Data Warehousing, and Mobile

Order Management

Offer customers the flexibility to place their order from the platform of their choice. Revel provides the tools to set up both online and mobile ordering platforms that integrate directly with the in-restaurant Point of Sale and Delivery Management (if applicable).

Discounts and Promotions

Easily set up discounts and promotional campaigns from Revel’s management console. Push them to different channels so that users and employees are notified instantaneously and can benefit from them right away.

Customer Relationship Management

Document customer information and use a detailed Customer Relationship Management database to understand buying preferences and build relationships across platforms.

Central Management of Multiple Locations

Manage multiple locations from Revel’s Enterprise Management System (EMS). EMS enables the central management of employees, inventory, pricing, promotions, the customer database, and much more.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Revel’s platform provides access to analytics about customers, their ordering patterns and purchase history. These insights provide incredible background information to enhance services and boost ROI. Measure the effectiveness of your business on-the-go from any device and make adjustments as necessary.

Always On Mode

Never lose a sale by continuing to process payments even when the Internet goes out. Your channels will still sync with one another so your customers will always have a streamlined brand experience.

Every tool you need to run the business you want.