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Integrated Services

Integrated Services

Ringing Up an Appointment

Learn how to ring up an appointment on your POS.

Integrated Services

Booking an Appointment Online

Provides an overview of booking an appointment online.

Integrated Services

Booking an Appointment on the POS

Learn how to book an appointment on your POS.

Integrated Services

Adding Time Blocks in Appointments

Learn how to create time blocks to show appointment availability.

Integrated Services

Creating a Service and Adding a Provider in Appointments

Learn how to add a service and service provider to your Management Console.

Integrated Services

Creating a Delivery Fee

Set up Delivery Fees to apply to your delivery orders. Standardize delivery fees with the option to auto apply.

Integrated Services

Catering Overview

Catering an event in a few weeks? Set up orders that can be scheduled for a delivery at a future date and allow for payment at a later date. Cater to your customers with these tools.

Integrated Services

Delivery Management Overview

Offer delivery to your customers? Review the Delivery Management tools for insight into delivery optimizing features Revel offers.


Gift Cards

Gift Cards! They're good for business! Learn how to sell, create, and redeem gift cards from the POS.