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Grow Your Restaurant with Revel iPad POS

Turn tables faster with the Revel restaurant POS system features. Access a full suite of features made to grow your restaurant quicker. From pre-authorization, caller I.D., table timers, split bills, delivery management and table layouts, Revel iPad Point of Sale gives you the tools to run your business more efficiently than ever. Call today and get a sales rep to help you take your restaurant to the next level.

Revel Top Features for Restaurant

Table Layouts

Create your restaurant's table layout and have it reflect on the iPad POS screen. Easily track every table with table timers and color coding.

Tableside Ordering

Let servers take orders from customers directly at the table on a handheld device. Enhance the customer experience and expedite orders with tableside ordering.

Full list of features for Restaurant

Revel Customer Story

Delice and Serrasin use Revel iPad POS

Not only is the system easy, fast, and seamless, but it’s truly an all-in-one solution.

- Delice & Sarrasin

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