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Salon POS

Appointment Scheduling

Offer your customers the convenience of booking appointments online or have employees input appointments directly on the POS. Gain an overview of all appointments for the selected day or week, or filter by individual employee.

Automatic Reminders

Don’t let customers forget about an upcoming appointment by automatically sending reminders hours, days, or weeks beforehand via email or text.

Salon Service Providers

Save time by quickly matching customers with the right salon specialist. Easily set up different services in the system with their default service price, commission, and duration.

Permissions Management

Ensure employees are only booked for what they specialize in by assigning them to specific services. Even set up commissions on each product for individual employees.

Time Blocking

Do you know when your employees are on their lunch break or when their next vacation is? Prevent appointments from being scheduled during unavailable time slots by blocking them out in the calendar.

Simplified Checkout Process

Customers can conveniently pay or book their appointments while adding products, such as shampoo or nail polish, to their checkout process.

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