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Create your restaurant's table layout on the management console

Set up and fully customize your restaurant’s table layout from the management console and monitor the status of each table on the Revel iPad POS with Table Layouts. View the entire layout of your restaurant from one easily accessible screen. Organize tables by server section, check their activity and easily transfer tables and bar tabs.

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Top Benefits of Table Layouts

  • Fully customizable layouts
    The table layout feature is customizable. Users can break their restaurant layout into server areas and have different screens designated for dining areas. Multilevel restaurants can easily arrange their seating charts by floor or room.
  • Open table tracking
    Once an employee has opened a table, it will clearly be designated as open, and other employees can be locked from accessing those orders.
  • Designated sections
    With Revel’s Table Service software, not only can users manage their table layouts, but can assign different sections for each server.
  • Table and bar tab transfers
    Easily transfer from tables and bar tabs on your Revel iPad Point of Sale.
  • Complimentary table layout setup
    Revel offers complimentary Table Layout Setup, meaning you can rely on Revel to arrange your restaurant floor plan as you see fit. Send us your floor plan and desired table layout, or speak with one of our support engineers, to get your restaurant floor set up and ready to go.

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